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HyGen STG Innovations

The innovative technology uses applied renewable energy source /ares – i.e., sources that generally you not aware of but always exist, such as pressure in deep water due to gravity, atmospheric pressure gradients at ambient conditions and atmospheric frequencies of many types and forms. As comparison to all renewables are using virtual renewable energy sources /vres i.e., those you can generally feel, see and know exist, such as solar, wind, waves/tidal, and geothermal, etc.

HyGen STG Can Be Built Almost at Any Locations

As an independent autonomous distributed power systems the plant can be built and positioned in most locations with very few ristrictions. It can be close to the load demand areas as a distributed renewable power system or as an autonomous/independent power generator and plants/facilities for an autonomous green hydrogen production and fueling stations, autonomous green power for EV charging points, autonomous power for data centers, and autonomous clean water and waste water treatment .

The benefits above therefore include but are not limited to a reduction or saving from power transmission losses, a saving in carbon emissions from a reduction in various up-stream and down-stream heavy processing for feed-stocks/raw materials including transportation by rail, roads or sea. These savings are ultimately benefit for communities include lower or affordable electricity tariff, secure reliable provision and access to clean electricity, clean water and energy.

HyGen STG Technology Process

The working technology process is based on applied renewable energy source of hydrostatic potential renewable energy which is similar to hydro-schemes, including hydro pumped-up storage using walled-dams. The potential energy is well known as mgh = mass x gravity x height of dam. The main difference with HyGen STG is that the storage is contained in a purpose built tower or silo and so can be built in almost any location. the process power cycle is a closed-cycle not an open-cycle as in the hydro-dam, where the water is released after passing a turbine to turn a generator. Hygen STG re-uses the liquid after passing through a turbine to a unique reformation process to potential energy. As a closed-cycle that is mechanized using new unique highly advanced mechanical engineering and state of the art cutting edge dynamic machinery which enable the process power cycle to be repeated and thereby the power generation continues without being affected by weather and climate.

The physics in the hydro-dam open-cycle involves a one or a single-conversion (“C”) of hydrostatic potential energy into kinetic energy to turn a turbine and generator to produce electricity. the HyGen STG closed-cycle involves a unique innovative hydro-dynamic process of contemporaneous conversion, transformation, equilibration and reformation (“CTER”) of hydrostatic potential energy to turn a turbine and generator to produce electricity on a 24/7 basis. Further in a Hydro-Scheme, the dam acts as the hydrostatic potential energy storage; whilst in HyGen STG the water tower acts as the storage or gravitational battery and also has a unique innovative electromechanical battery to store kinetic energy in an array of flywheels.

HyGen STG Technology Statement

the technology is with the Scientific and Physics total concurrence using the Applied Hydrostatic Potential Renewable Energy Source (AHPRES) as MGH being Mass x Gravity x Height of column in “Joules of energy”.

Where in a Closed-Cycle System (“CCS” :
  • MASS ; under the laws of energy conservation states: ”mass can not be destroyed, only converted into energy in energy-mass equivalence principle E=MC2 ”. Status: assessed and verified as perpetual energy source if mass as kgm/s2 (N) is retained in a system.
  • GRAVITY ; under the laws of nature gravity is always exists on earth as 9.81m/s2. Status: assessed and verified as perpetual energy source that no one can change the status quo.
  • COLUMN HEIGHT ; in a closed-system is a gravitational energy containment. Status: assessed and verified as perpetual energy source if height is retained and thus pre-determined mass energy as m.kgm/s2 (Nm=Joule) exists in a storage.

and where the advanced hydro-mechanical engineering system as the proprietary process of contemporaneous conversion transformation equilibration and reformation (“CTER”) is applied in a plant configuration there yields a mechanical advantage as useful work per second (Joule/sec = Watt) for electrical generation in the manner continuous when MGH state exists and/or retained. ∑Emb=½McVp2 as kinetic-motion but not a perpetual motion of any kind.

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HyGen STG Patents and The United Nation

The technology processes and the critical engineering components/assemblies have attained granted patents from 83 major economy countries and holds additional family technology patents pending.

the technology has been presented at the UNFCCC through exhibits at various COP events and thus believe this year at glasgow COP26, Hygen STG will be a key deliverable technology in the main-stream activities under mitigation and adaptation programs.

Hygen STG is for The Planet

It is our mission to work towards technology transfer and sharing and by providing access to all nations to secure independent clean energy future whilst improving their macro socio economy platform via the creation of a new industry in manufacturing, new skills sets and retraining for new waves in employments opportunities and value-added to the hyper-scale network chains at the up streams and down-streams clean energy industry.

So herein, HyGen STG is a key engineering solution to the problematic macro power generation system globally and will deliver nations with clean independent and secure energy future. Our key vision is to care for the Planet and to positively contribute to a cleaner sustainable energy source for the world and doing so are steps towards making the world a safe better place future.


Innovation has always been a part of an engineer’s culture. Throughout the years, they’ve built a reputation of challenging convention. Where a solution didn’t previously exist, they’ve created one, they are the pioneer’s in opening new frontiers for such fields as the renewable energy industry.



Our innovation in the Reverse of Hydro Static (RHS) devices; and Proprietary Technologies for renewable power, renewable hydrogen and hydropropane and clean water projects have been realized through seemingly impossible constraints, endured over many decades.


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